NDT Inspections

Qualitech provides the most used nondestructive testing (NDT) inspection for Oil and Gas and gas industries. The company is specialized on the application of the techniques below to witness the equipment integrity in order to ensure its safe to use during operations. Magnetic Particle Testing Dye Pen Testing Wall Thickness Inspection Eddy Current Inspection Ultrasonic […]

Fall Arrest System Inspection

As a specialist for work at a height, we assure pro-active measures to promote the supply, inspect, repair and maintenance of fall arrest systems, in accordance with the federal and local laws. The integrity of the equipment of free fall protection will minimize the risk of possible accidents caused by defective or inadequate and unsafe […]

Crane Inspection

Qualitech provides Annual and 5 Yearly Inspection, Load Test and Certificationin all Crane designs and lifting equipment upon request per relevant OSHA, ASME or API 2D recommendation. Qualitech has the capability to undertake crane upgrades and maintenance by following the Standard. Our multi-disciplined lifting equipment engineers and mechanical technicians are extensively trained on classification society rules, […]

Critical Rigging Projects

Qualitech has already performed several complex rigging projects on a variety of installation.  It holds an enhanced management of operational procedures, risk assessments and lift plans in addition to a specialized team and techniques. The generation of a step-by-step specific lift plan for each piece of equipment, is in our mind as a vital requirement […]

Engineering and Project Management

A sound business strategy is essential to success. Without disciplined execution, the same strategy renders little value. Qualitech supply engineering solutions and project management team that helps you succeed where other less experienced companies often fail – in the implementation and execution. We advise on and execute your most complex initiatives so that you realize […]

Dolly Track Inspection and Alignment

Qualitech provides a fully experienced in-house surveyor, and multi skilled labor in the surveying and alignment using Theodolite, or replacement of the dolly track / guide rails, due to damage, wear or any other problem highlighted within drilling operations on the rig, by following all OEM tolerances and the equipment manufacturer’s specifications, according to API […]

Drops Inspection Campaign

QUALITECH has extensive experience with this type of inspection, we have been using DROPS Awareness and Prevention Format and the DROPS Inspection Guide, for several years within the oil and gas industry, aiming at avoiding potential accidents. We are qualified to conduct dropped object surveys for all types of structures and areas, and the report […]

Derrick and Bolt Inspection

Masts and derricks support enormous loads when drilling and running casing. API-4G recommended practice for mast and derrick inspections is a critical element to avoiding potentially non-productive time loss, or even serious incidents and catastrophic events during drilling operations. Our Derrick Inspectors are IRATA-qualified rope access technicians with a background in maintenance, and able to […]

Maintenance Using Rope Access

We offer maintenance services with quality and excellence at a reduced cost, within a shorter time by using rope access techniques, which provides support to the operational needs of our customers. We are counting on the hands of specialized labor in maintenance, including:  Weld Pipe / Plat Fit Electrical Painting Rigging Cleaning Tank and Hydro […]

5 Yearly Drilling Equipment Overhaul

One of our main specialties is the planning and execution of the 5 yearly certification of the derrick drilling equipment, which is done according to the manufacturer’s specifications and as per API recommendations. We have multidisciplined, rope access rig building teams provided with a thorough knowledge and proven experience in this critical scope, carried out […]