5 Yearly Drilling Equipment Overhaul

One of our main specialties is the planning and execution of the 5 yearly certification of the derrick drilling equipment, which is done according to the manufacturer’s specifications and as per API recommendations. We have multidisciplined, rope access rig building teams provided with a thorough knowledge and proven experience in this critical scope, carried out in derricks of different generations and OEM’s.

For each equipment removal / installation, we perform detailed lifting plans, preliminary analysis of risk assessment and project scope management/accomplishment until its completion. Find below a list of the pieces of equipment usually included, but not limited to;

  • Top Drive, DDM and Gear Box
  • Dolly Removal / Assembly
  • Travelling Block
  • Removal and Installation of the drill line (De-string / String up)
  • DSC and CMC Cylinder replacement
  • Crown Block, Cluster Assemblies and Housing replacement
  • Fast and Dead Line Rocker Arms and Sheaves
  • Active heave cylinder replacement offshore, (without crane assistance)  
  • DAT cylinder replacement and seal changes
  • Pipe Racking System