We have guided our actions from day to day in the search for balance and awareness of the correct use of natural resources.  Our operations are performed with the least possible impact on the environment and the society where we live.

We believe in mutual help, social and economic sustainability and on the responsibility of each one on doing their part to ensure a better planet for future generations.

Look at some of our actions:

Social Sustainability – Monthly donation of food, hygiene and cleaning items for people with basic difficulties in different communities of Rio de Janeiro.  

Environmental Sustainability – We work toward a responsible and structured environmental management to mitigate risks and ensure the lowest possible environmental impact on our operations.

We provide our all employees and partners with training programs on selective collection programs, waste management and control of atmospheric and effluent emissions in our Administrative and Operational Bases.

We have been constantly encouraging good practices and renewing our commitment to continuous improvement by strictly following ISO 14001:2015 Certification standards

Economic Sustainability – We use a sustainable management model ensuring the financial health of the company, respect for the processes and well-being of employees and their families and the generation of wealth to the country, and thus promoting the company solid and constant growth.