Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Always aiming for new Technologies and delivering more reliable services for its clients, Qualitech offers a new NDT ultrasound technique. The Phased Array. Phased Array Ultrasonic is an advanced non-destructive testing technique of Ultrasonic Testing, with many applications on the Oil& Gas Industry, one of the common applications to find flaws in manufactured materials such […]

Helideck Inspection, Repair and Load Test

Qualitech carries out inspections, repairs and certifies helideck nets and burics for offshore rigs and vessels operating in Brazilian Jurisdictional Waters according to Normam 27 or any other standard required. We inspect, repair and certify helidecks for our clients globally to ensure the safe landing and takeoff for helicopters. If during the inspection we identify […]

Borescope Inspection

The most advanced remote visual inspection and borescope inspection service technology is combined with experts and years of hands on experience to deliver comprehensive, professional on-site inspections. We provide immediate raw video and still image documentation as well as a detailed follow-up report of the borescope inspection conducted at our customer’s facilities. Our expertise and […]

Brazilian Offshore Regulations Adequacy

With the increase of the Oil and Gas Brazilian Market, and the complexity of the Brazilian Offshore Regulations, with extensive experience to support all type of vessels in the arrival including drilling rigs, FPSO and supply vessels, Qualitech ensures that your equipment will be in full compliance with the major Brazilian Local regulations standards when […]

Lifesaving System Inspection

We offer a comprehensive range of Annual and 5 Yearly inspection and certification on davits, lifeboat and rescue boat in in accordance with the latest SOLAS regulations, MSC.1/Circ.1206, MSC.1/Circ.1277 and relevant MODU codes.  Our services include: Annual and five-yearly inspections of lifeboats, FRCs, davits and winches Operational and load test of on-load release systems Certification […]

Piping Thickness Measurement Inspection

Whether Low Pressure or High-Pressure Pipework, Pressure Vessels or Hull tanks/voids, a detailed Ultrasonic gauging is required to check for evident corrosion or wash. Thickness Gauging is used to measure internal corrosion, externally. This allows corrosion checks on equipment such as pressure cylinders, tanks and pipework, and many more. This technique is suitable for checking […]

SPS Hull Gauging Inspection

As an ABS and DNV GL Approved Inspection Company, Qualitech can provide hull and structural inspections for offshore rigs, installations and vessels. Our services give clients the peace of mind that the inspection will be thorough and correctly reported. Our inspectors are experienced, professional and highly trained to be proficient in current techniques and standards. […]

Lifting Gear Inspection (Loler / NBR´S)

QUALITECH offers a wide variety of inspection services for lifting equipment in accordance with LOLER SI 2307 and local standards, covering all loosen and stationary lifting equipment as Slings, shackles, Pad eyes, sheaves and snatch blocks, chains, winches, lifeboats, cranes and others, including load test when required. We count with a sophisticated online inventory and […]

NDT Inspections

Qualitech provides the most used nondestructive testing (NDT) inspection for Oil and Gas and gas industries. The company is specialized on the application of the techniques below to witness the equipment integrity in order to ensure its safe to use during operations. Magnetic Particle Testing Dye Pen Testing Wall Thickness Inspection Eddy Current Inspection Ultrasonic […]

Fall Arrest System Inspection

As a specialist for work at a height, we assure pro-active measures to promote the supply, inspect, repair and maintenance of fall arrest systems, in accordance with the federal and local laws. The integrity of the equipment of free fall protection will minimize the risk of possible accidents caused by defective or inadequate and unsafe […]